"Pure Feelings With Natural Healings"


PYRAMID HEALINGS is a blessing of the PARAM SADGURU SHRI SAIBABA to whom this humble effort is devoted.

It's our pleasure to introduce you ourselves at Pyramid Healings. We started our journey of healings in year 2007 since then we are getting good results for services we offer to the customer. Our major concern is to promote awareness of having healthy mind, body & soul through healing energies. So our Centre provides consultation on various Alternate Therapies. We have certified team of counselors for Vastu, Numerology, Vedic Astrology, Tarot Card Reading, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Time Line Technology, Hypnotherapy, Psychic Healing, Clairvoyance, Spirit release, Past Life Regression Therapy, Psychoneurobics etc.  

Let me introduce you the world of energies. Positive vibrations creates positive outcomes and it is possible to alter the outcomes by employing certain tools and yantras which resonates positivity and energies of universal well being . Most of us face issues in our personal, professional and relationships primarly due to the bad effects/ negative vibrations arising out of Vastu. Let me introduce to the concept of Pyravastu. We all know Pyramids was a great source of energy which preserved the secrets of Egyptian for thousands of years. Imagine the power of these immense energy source now with us to resolve our vastu related doshas. Welcome to the world of Pyravaastu a safer and 100% powerful tool to bring in positivity and desired results.

Here in Pyramid Healings Centre, we provide you solutions to overcome your problems with simple remedial measures through different alternate therapy services we offer.



Mrs. Neha Rao (M Sc. Counselling and Spiritual Health)

Mrs. Neha is the founder of Pyramid Healings. Basically from Mumbai. Her quest towards gaining spiritual insights has made her learnt many different spiritual courses. Her has major specialization in field of Pyramid Vaastu since 2008. She is a certified professional in Pyramid-Vastu and Feng shui by Jiten Bhatt founder of the Pyramid Vaastu. Achieved various knowledge through attending workshops like Aura Vision Energy Matrix by Dr Dhara Bhat, Neuro Liguistic Programming, Hypnotherapist, Breackthrough Coach for Time Line Technology & Emotional Freedom Techniques from Dr. Rangana Rupavi of Vitality Living College. Past Life-Regression and Spiritual Science from Dr. Newton Kondevati from Quantum Life University. Also have done Yoga Instructor Course from Swami Vivekananda Ashram Jigni. Have done Varmam advance level healer course by Professor Ramesh of Varma Kalpa Rejuvenation Centre. Certified Psychometric & Dermatoglyphics Analyst, Spiritual Counsellor, She has completed Healing courses like Pranic Healings, Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki, Aum Seraphic Healings, Crystal Healings, Merkaba Healings, Access Bars Consciousness. She has completed Alpha Mind Power, Chakra Healing, Siddha Kundalini, Sri Vidya certification by Dr. Srimatha Vijayalakshmi Panthaiyan. Also have learnt Past Life Karma healing through Voilet flame, Reiki Master, Bach Flower Combination workshops By Naran Sir Chennai.


Miss Pooja Damle ( Tarot Card Reader )

Software engineer by profession Pooja has tremendous connection with Divine self. She is a Tarot reader, Blogger and Podcast host by passion and a keen observer of life. She can guide you with messages from your higher spirit guides to help you take the next right step in life. She is a motivator. Keen on helping other to bring positive changes to improve one's life.


Mr. Ashutosh Jadhav ( B A Psychology, Pyra Vaastu Expert, Reiki Master and  Clairvoyant)

Ashutosh is a Black Belt III Dan Taekwon-do Master and National Referee. His art of learning Taekwon-Do developed his skills in focusing his mind to channelizing energy field around him. He is a born clairvoyant who can see human aura with his naked eyes to identify the problem areas in your life. He can help you with his experiences and knowledge about spirituality. He is a great coach and Reiki Master who helped many of our students to become Reiki Channels.

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